Weight and Bar Stands

We have a range of weight racks for all your fitness equipment, whether it’s olympic plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, bars or medicine balls.
Having a weight rack is an awesome way to make sure your equipment doesn’t get in the way in the middle of an exercise routine, it also makes it much easier to find the right weight you need if you can see them all laid out.

Weight Rack Maximum Weight Load

Our racks are designed to hold a large number of weights at a time, with heavy duty steel construction, ensuring you can safely load them up with your set of weights. For safety many of our customers will put the heaviest weights on the bottom.

Our Weight Racks Won’t Warp

Unlike some of our competitors, our weight racks are made of steel, and so will give you solid performance for years; all our weight racks also come with a full 12 month warranty.