Weights & Bars FAQ


Q: Which of your bars are safe for dropping after Olympic lifts?
We stock several crossfit bars designed specifically to deal with the stresses likely to be placed on them from training involving dropping after Olympic lifts. We also recommend these bars be used with our Olympic bumper plates, as bumper plates are made from solid rubber and designed specifically not to be damaged when dropped.


Q: What are the different gym attachments good for?
Our range of gym attachments are fantastic tools to emphasize or isolate various muscle groups for a variety of exercises:

Balanced V Bar – PRO
This can be a great addition to your home gym, it allows for tricep push down exercises, as well as rowing exercises for the back muscles.

Revolving Curl Bar 28in
Can be used for arm developing exercises such as tricep push downs, and bicep curls

Revolving Pro Lateral Bar 34in
This bar is perfect for performing pull down exercises to target the lat muscles.

Revolving Lateral Bar 48in
This bar is perfect for performing a great variety of pull down exercises to target the lat muscles. The increased length allows for wide grip pull downs to be performed as well as normal width pull downs, and close grip chin ups. The development of the lat muscles is what creates the classic V taper appearance of a well developed physique!

Rotating D Bar
The rotating D bar can be used not only for arm exercises such as cable tricep push downs and bicep curls, but also for back developing exercises such as neutral grip seated rows and neutral grip lat pull downs as well.

Stirrup Cable Handle
Stirrup handles are incredibly useful for performing a large variety of isolation exercises such as chest flies, side lateral deltoid raises, bicep curls, rear deltoid raises, abdominal woodchoppers and many more!

Revolving 22in. Straight Bar
Straight bars are perfect for exercises ranging from cable tricep pushdowns, cable bicep curls, and even other exercises such as straight arm push downs for the lats. When performing tricep push downs with a straight bar, the shape of the bar places equal emphasis on all three heads of the tricep allowing for even development. A straight bar also better isolates the biceps when performing curls due to the more supinated hand position.

Dual Purpose Bar
These are a very useful product as their design/shape allows for them not only to be used for tricep push downs, but also for rowing exercises.

Tricep Pushdown Bar Black Grip
Performing tricep push downs with this bar places additional emphasis on the lateral (outer) head of the tricep, which is responsible for the “horseshoe” appearance that is noticeable on a well developed tricep.

Seated Row Chin Bar Black Grip
These bars are a fantastic inclusion in your workout arsenal as they allow for the performance of many key compound back exercises such as seated cable rows, V-bar pull downs and T-bar rows.

Tricep Rope Single
Is a great tool for training each arm unilaterally (separately) to prevent strength imbalances occurring where one arm potentially works as a crutch for a weaker one. With this rope the classic tricep exercises such as cable rope pushdowns and cable overhead extensions can be performed for each arm independently.

Tricep Rope Double
Tricep ropes are a fantastic tool for tricep development by performing tricep rope cable pushdowns, and overhead tricep rope extensions. They can also be used for performing exercises to target other muscle groups; such as bicep rope cable curls, rear deltoid cable rope splits, and many more!

Ankle Strap
Straps can be a fantastic tool to perform many lower body isolation movements such as standing hamstring cable curls, straight leg raises, hip abductions and adductions and more!

Q: How do kettlebells differ from dumbbells?
Kettlebells are a weight with a main body (resembling a canon ball) and a handle, they are primarily used to perform exercises of a more ballistic, power focused nature such as kettlebell swings, and clean and snatches etc. They are a fantastic tool for improving explosive strength which can be very beneficial for athletes. Dumbbells on the other hand are generally used for traditional free weight exercises to strengthen and develop the muscles in a more controlled fashion.


Q: What is the difference between olympic and standard size plates and bars?
Your decision to purchase Olympic or standard size will often be dictated by which size plates or bars you already have as it can save you re-buying plates or bars. Olympic size is the best to invest in if you like to perform heavy compound movements such as deadlifts as the weight limits on Olympic bars tend to be much higher than with standard bars. The Olympic size is also the size of our crossfit bars which are specifically designed to take the impacts that result from Olympic lifting such as clean and snatches and clean and jerks etc.  (Plate hole sizes: Olympic 50mm & Standard 25mm.)


Q: What are some of the benefits of training weight free weights (barbells and dumbbells)?
Resistance training with free weights is a great way to increase muscular strength, function, and appearance. A vast array of potential health benefits can be obtained via regular free weight exercise, these benefits include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat percentage (as increased muscle mass boosts the metabolism)
  • Decreased resting blood pressure
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Increased insulin sensitivity (a key component in diabetes prevention)

For those with goals of improving muscle strength and size; free weights (barbells, and dumbbells) provide the greatest workout. This is due to the fact that unlike machines, the use of free weights requires increased muscle fiber recruitment as your muscles need to stabilize the weights themselves. This increased level of fiber recruitment results in greater muscle gains (as more of the muscle is trained) as well as the development of more functional strength. Free weights are also the safer way to train (once correct technique has been learned) as the body is free to move the weights in a more natural motion; unlike with some gym machines which due to a constantly fixed movement can lead to muscle and joint strain from overuse.


Q: Why do your adjustable sand bags and power bags come unfilled?
Our bags come unfilled due to the fact that we operate primarily as an online store, delivering products nationwide. By providing the bags empty (simply requiring sand to fill), we can cut down shipping costs and therefore offer you our highly competitive prices!


Q: What are sand bags and power bags good for?
Sand bags and power bags provide resistance (which can be adjusted by adding or removing sand) and have handles attached to grip them. They provide an element of instability compared to traditional free weights due to the variable resistance produced by the fact that the sand can move around in the bag; with the majority of people only being able to lift 40-50% of what they can with dumbbells or barbells.
These bags can be great for power oriented plyometric exercises, as well as functional movements such as squats, lunges and throwing motions (a great training tool for martial artists).


Q: What are bumper plates designed for? How do they differ from the other Olympic plates?
Bumper plates are made from solid rubber unlike the other Olympic size weights which are made from cast iron. This allows for them to be dropped after Olympic lifts without being damaged as would happen with other types of plate. Olympic bumper plates are also designed to for the majority be a standard diameter across. This allows for technique training on Olympic lifts with lighter loads while still allowing the bar to have the same starting height from the ground; something not possible with other Olympic plates.


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